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Savage – His


The DopeFresh air fresheners come in a beautifully designed glass bottle, with a wooden top and classy string to hang from your vehicle’s rear-view mirror, or elsewhere. Topped up with your favourite fragrances.

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All of our air fresheners come topped up to last up to 2 whole months, meaning you get more for your money, and don’t need to constantly change the air freshener in your vehicle with the long-lasting scents.

Upon arrival, your air freshener will come in its very own designed packaging, then all you have to do is simply take the air freshener out of the packaging, unscrew the wooden top, and remove the plastic stopper from the lid of the air freshener. After doing this, screw your lid back on and tilt the air freshener upside down for 8 – 10 seconds, allowing the scent to seep into the lid of the bottle. When you’ve done this, you’re ready to go!

Inspired by Dior Sauvage

1 review for Savage – His

  1. Jack-S-L

    I tried DopeFresh as I was sick of buying air fresheners for my car that lasted a week. I was intrigued to see if “savage” was anything like “ Dior, sauvage” and I can honestly say I was over the moon with the scent. Various people would comment straight away as they got in to my car how amazing it smelt! I will continue to buy this product! Also, another quality of the scent is how long it lasts, you’re essentially getting more for your money! Well done guys! Highly recommended! X

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